Welcome at our iSystem – Micro

Established in 2016, iSystem Micro Ltd has come to be known as the preferred original manufacturer’s distributor in the Europe. Starting in the aftermarket industry of parts and accessories, iSystem Micro Ltd soon shifted its priorities to original new and secondhand parts/accessories. By making sure that all products were original from the manufacturers, we created one of the highest standards in the market.

Recognizing the constant need for testing and compliance, we surpass the standards that the market requires. From the moment our carefully selected products arrive at our warehouse, the QC department thoroughly examines and tests all parts before being shipped to our customers. We are approved with R2 testing as well as ISO 9001 and Cadex (for batteries), which makes it easy for us to provide the best possible product in the business.

Our specialization

USB Chargers and data cables
Car Chargers
back door covers
Bluetooth accessories